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Would you be interested in becoming a human resources professional?

This site is a short guide to finding a good HR-related class, school or degree program in your area or through an online program.

And while not many colleges offer a specific Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources, most colleges will have classes in the subject, and some will offer concentrations in HR.

The area of human resources is often overlooked by students attending business school. Yet most businesses place a high value on their HR departments and the role they play in the growth of a company.

A good HR department will recruit, hire, train, discipline and terminate employees; oversee payroll and employee benefits and often be the contact point for outside companies and individuals. An HR professional’s duties will vary based upon the size of the department. Employees will specialize more in larger departments, while members of small departments will end up having to wear many different hats and perform a variety of functions. In this regard, it is sometimes advantageous for recent college graduates to get their first position with a smaller company where they can learn the different areas of the personnel and human resources division.

Most employees in the personnel field will work in recruitment and employment, training and development, or compensation and benefits.

If you have a recommendation about an human resource course or school that you attended, please let us know about it.

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Vocational Training Options

Vocational and Community College Education Choices

Many high school grads are recognizing the value of earning an associate’s degree before moving on to a four-year university.

It is an Affordable Option
For many new college students, the price tag of their education is a major concern. Stringent financial aid requirements and dwindling scholarship opportunities are forcing students to consider other avenues.

Another unique benefit of the community college experience is the opportunity to gain college experience in a more relaxed and forgiving atmosphere. Shorter lines and more seats mean there’s a better opportunity to get the classes you need to complete your degree the first time around.

Doors to a Four-Year University
Many high school students believe that they have to accept their high school GPA they earned and jockey for position in schools with tightening entrance requirements. However, the community college option allows you the room to earn valuable credits and improve your GPA before competing against other students for a spot at the bigger schools.

A Practical Way to Explore Your Options
Perhaps the most attractive benefit you’ll find at a community college is the opportunity to explore your academic and career options thoroughly.

Many big-time colleges and universities carry a weighty expectation that you declare a major early and make it difficult to change the longer you stay in school. The reality is that student plans change several times over a four-year period.

Earning a degree doesn’t have to be a time a gamble. If you have any hesitation about making your next move, you owe it to yourself to consider earning a two-year degree at a local community college first.

At the very least, you can explore all your options and place yourself in a good position to make an informed decision.

Help with this article came from National Center for Education Statistics, and

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